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Why Should You Hire the Pros When Installing a Countertop?

Replacing your old, worn-out countertop with a new one is one of the best ways to spruce up your kitchen’s appearance. Proper installation is imperative to make sure it lasts a long time. Otherwise, the countertop itself, wooden cabinets and plumbing fixtures may suffer damage. Read on as we discuss reasons why it makes sense to work with a kitchen remodeling contractor for this project.

Kitchen countertop installation


Installing your new countertop on your own can help you save money, but only if it is done right. Costly mistakes are preventable if you let someone with experience and expertise do it for you. A professional contractor has the specific skills and tools necessary to cut and install countertop materials correctly. You can be sure that the installation team will carry out the job with care, especially if your countertop is made of quartz or granite.

Correct Installation

One of the most challenging aspects of installing kitchen countertops involves making sure that the slab is supported and level. For this, the contractor will make adjustments to ensure a proper fit. Some countertops are directly placed and glued on top of the island or cabinet. Natural stone varieties like granite and marble, however, are heavy and could crack under their weight. Thus, they require extra support through rebars and other reinforcements.

Hassle-Free, Time-Efficient Project

Countertop installations carried out by the pros take away the stress and wasted time associated with DIY. They’ll lift and handle your new countertop from the truck to the kitchen with care and fit each piece into place perfectly. Even if your kitchen space has many corners and appliances to work around, the installation team can get your project done while using time efficiently.

Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC will walk you through all of our countertop selections and find the perfect fit to match your kitchen’s style. We also ensure that each installation job is handled with precision and quality craftsmanship.

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