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What to Expect During a Granite Countertop Installation

Now that you’ve picked your new granite countertops, it’s time to have them installed in your kitchen or bath space. But how exactly does the installation process work? So, you can better understand this particular home upgrade, we share some of the things you should expect during a granite countertop installation.

Prior to Installation

You’ll want to prepare your home for the work ahead. This means designating a path your installers can use so they can easily go to and from your kitchen or bathroom. Make sure there are no tripping hazards on this path. If you have small children and pets, make arrangements that can keep them occupied elsewhere in your home. You don’t want them underfoot while there’s work happening. This not only keeps them safe, but ensures the countertop installation goes on smoothly and quickly as well. 

During Installation Day

First things first: reliable cabinet renewal and countertop installation companies like Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC will make sure your cabinets are level and secure before the installation starts. This way, your new granite countertops can be installed smoothly and evenly. If your cabinets aren’t level, we can use shims to make minor adjustments. 

Your granite countertop installation may involve cutting a hole in the material to accommodate cooktops. Dust is generated during this process, but the expert team from Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC will take measures that help reduce the amount of unnecessary mess in your home. These may include covering nearby furniture and other valuables. Once the countertops are installed, we’ll work on your backsplash, and, when that’s done, we’ll proceed with the post-installation cleanup.

Aside from cabinet restoration, Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC can expertly handle your granite countertop installation needs. We use only high-quality granite from Designer Stone, ensuring superior durability and lovely, eye-catching designs and colors that can instantly transform the look of your kitchen or bath space. We serve the areas in and around Hicksville, Huntington and Plainview, NY. Call us today at (631) 414-7082 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation. We’d love to hear from you!