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The Best Edge Profiles for Your Granite Countertop

You need to do some serious decision-making when you’re remodeling your kitchen countertops. Now that you are choosing the type of edge profile for your granite countertop, it’s time for you learn about more options. It’s important to choose the most suitable edge profile. It affects the safety, appearance and functionality of your granite countertops. 

The Best Edge Profiles for Your Granite Countertop

1. Square Edge Countertop

This edging treatment is simple yet looks elegant, modern and timeless. If you have limited space for your countertop, choose a square edge. The edges are also not sharp for safety purposes.

2. Eased Edge Countertop

If you want a smoother variation for the square edge, this is one of your best choices. It’s known for its sleek contemporary design. The edges are less sharp, but still are 90-degree edged. 

3. Beveled Edge Countertop

This treatment looks more flashy. It’s made of a mirror-like edge cut with a 45-degree downward angle. With its edgy design, this cabinetry is not only beautiful but easy to wipe clean and will not flow at the bottom.

4. Ogee Countertop

If your kitchen remodeling plan is to transform your kitchen to the Classical or Victorian eras, then an ogee edge style is for you. The S-shape edge countertop mimics the medieval architectural design. It also suits a modern look with the design combination of straight and curved edges.

5. Bullnose Countertop

If you prefer a thinner edge style, the full bullnose edge style may be the best for you. This treatment looks thinner because of the round and smooth curves both on top and bottom. However, this design allows spillage to follow the curve and drip on the floor.

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