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Raised vs. Recessed Cabinet Panels: Which Should You Choose?

When you consider giving your kitchen cabinets a new look, it pays to know some of the key design variations. Today, we take a look at the differences between raised and recessed center panels.

Kitchen cabinet refacing

Raised Panels

Cabinets with this design element have center panels that are raised above the rest of the door with a recessed border around it. It is common in more detailed and ornate cabinets that match the interior’s traditional décor. Then again, raised panels can also add dimension to kitchen spaces that exude a rustic, country or transitional aesthetic.

Recessed Panels

Cabinets with this design element have center panels that lie flat or recessed next to the door. They may lack the ornamentation and detail of raised panels, but they offer a sleek vibe that matches well with contemporary or modern architecture. Cabinet styles with recessed panels include Shaker cabinets, which are known to blend well with a variety of kitchen styles. They’re also often considered by homeowners who regularly do cabinet renewal projects.

Which One Should You Choose?

Your choice of design for your cabinet’s center panel revolves around the overall style of your kitchen. As already discussed, raised panels are a great match with traditional, rustic or transitional styles. However, they aren’t as ideal for modern or contemporary interiors. In this situation, recessed cabinets are the way to go because of how simple they look.

Of course, you have to consider other factors, particularly the other design elements of your kitchen. These include the floor tiles, backsplash, appliances and even the entire floor area. To guide you with your selection, it makes sense to work with the pros.

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