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Mix and Match: Picking the Right Colors for Your Kitchen

Choosing a color scheme for your kitchen is the most exciting part of remodeling. But with the number of options available, it can get a bit overwhelming. Instead of choosing a scheme based on your preferences, why not choose a color based on function? 

The right color combination can draw guests’ attention to the best features of your kitchen. 

Making Neutrals Noticeable 

Neutrals are classic colors; you can’t go wrong with them. But for those who want a more eye-catching color, they may be too dull. However, you shouldn’t write them off just yet. Neutrals’ soft look helps draw attention to more visually striking features or elements of your kitchen you want your guests to notice. 

You can pair neutrals with contrasting colors, or you can play with several textures and features to highlight certain kitchen features like your cabinets or kitchen countertop. 

Size Matters 

When it comes to choosing colors, the size of your kitchen matters. Paler hues are recommended for cabinets and countertops in small kitchens. Adding lighter shades, which reflect light, can help make a small kitchen space look bigger than it actually is.  

Modern Monochrome 

If you have limited kitchen space, you may want to consider using minimalist design for your kitchen. The popular design scheme focuses on utility. To complete that sleek, modern look, add shades of white, gray and black. 

Still can’t decide on a color scheme? When in doubt, it’s best to consult a design professional or a contractor.  

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