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Maximizing the Kitchen’s 3 Storage Zones

The kitchen’s work triangle is more than just about effectiveness. The three points – the stove, sink and refrigerator – are also storage areas and are essentially the main storage zones of the room. To get the most out of your kitchen’s existing storage space, you need to optimize these areas.

The Sink Zone

Optimizing the sink area is as simple as defining what you want to do within the area. Here is where you clean up after a hearty meal and where you dry the dishes. The optimal storage should be cabinets that will house the plates, bowls and your assorted glass and silverware.

The surrounding kitchen countertops should also be free of any appliances or unnecessary objects. One free countertop is enough to house a drying rack or a place to stack the dirty dishes before you wash them.

The Stove Area

The busiest area of the kitchen should also be the most efficient. An optimal setup includes one cabinet close to the oven where you’ll store all of your pots, pans and anything you’ll be using when you’re cooking. Like the sink zone, you’ll also want a free countertop that you can use when you’re serving or transferring food to the table.

The Refrigerator Zone

This is the ‘smallest’ storage space within the work triangle, but is just as important to optimize. This zone is the ideal place to house your pantry items, such as dry goods and spices, as well as miscellaneous kitchen utensils or equipment that you can’t store in the other zones anymore.

Whether you’re adding a shelf or another set of cabinets, you’ll want this zone close to unload your groceries. That way, you don’t have to run around through the different kitchen zones just to get what you need.

Keep these tips in mind to ensure optimal storage in your kitchen triangle. At Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, we offer kitchen cabinet refacing services. Let us help you spruce up your kitchen’s storage! Call us at (631) 602-0004 to learn more. We are kitchen remodeling experts in Hicksville, Plainview and Huntington, NY.