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Matte Kitchen Cabinets: The Pros and Cons

Matte kitchen cabinets and worktops are becoming increasingly popular in both modern and traditional homes. However, despite their popularity, they may not be the best finish for your home kitchen. New trends occasionally appear and take the market by storm. Thus, you would assume that you have found the ideal path, only to find out that you are not as pleased with your decision.

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It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the advantages and drawbacks of any trend before making any final judgments on kitchen options. You’ll have all the knowledge you need to make the best selection for your lifestyle, especially if you want a kitchen that requires less cleaning and maintenance.

Matte Finishes’ Advantages

  • Trendy
    Matte finishes are highly popular these days and are thought to be a stylish modern option.
  • Keeping Messes Hidden
    High-gloss finishes, which are the polar opposite of matte in many respects, highlight stains, smudges, scratches and other problems. Matte is an excellent choice for individuals who don’t want to deal with the cleaning maintenance that sometimes comes with gloss products. Due to less reflected light than gloss finishes, it has a smooth and subtle appearance with a natural appearance that allows little defects to blend in.
  • Texture and Sophistication
    Gloss is also fashionable for a cabinet restoration, and kitchens with a lot of it need a contrast – matte is ideal. It lends a smooth feel to the design, layering it and allowing the eyes to focus on various different regions.

Matte Finishes’ Potential Drawbacks

  • Problems With Space
    You might choose gloss surfaces over matte finishes for smaller kitchens. Matte absorbs light, making places appear smaller rather than larger.
  • Conceals, but It Doesn’t Prevent Problems
    The finish does not prevent problems; rather, it makes them less noticeable. Fingerprints that are sticky and oily as well as pet smudges may still appear.
  • The Difficulty of Cleaning
    Washing matte surfaces is more difficult than cleaning glossy surfaces. It’s harder to clean them without leaving your own streaks, and matte finishes may permanently absorb some stains.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you should have open and honest discussions with your kitchen cabinet refacing contractor to ensure that you select finishes that are appropriate for your lifestyle and kitchen use.

It’s possible that a semi-gloss finish, which is somewhere in the middle in terms of sparkle but, is still simpler to clean than matte, is a good compromise.

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