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Kitchen Cabinet Knobs vs. Pulls: Which Should You Choose?

You’ve finally decided on updating your cabinets. But now it’s time to choose between knobs and pulls. These seemingly insignificant pieces of hardware can have a significant impact on the usefulness and appearance of your room. However, if you’re stuck in the knobs versus pulls discussion, here are some things to consider. 

What Is a Knob?

A classic cabinet knob is smaller in size, has a spherical shape and has only one mounting point. Using basic design principles, knobs are intended to improve functionality by making it easier to open and close cabinets.

While the fundamental size of knobs hasn’t changed much, the forms and finishes have. The most typical knob shapes are circular or square, but if you like something more modern, like a novelty knob, go for it! Popular knob finishes recently include polished chrome, matte black, Verona bronze and aged brass.

What Is a Pull?

Pulls are typically two-pointed pieces of cabinet hardware that are attached to the cabinetry. Pulls are significantly wider than knobs and are more aesthetically pleasing, allowing the user to comfortably wrap their fingers around the piece of hardware. The majority of current pulls are shaped like cylinders or rectangular prisms. However, similar to knobs, there are a plethora of design alternatives that deviate from these two types. Pulls from the past can be immensely ornate and exquisite.

Where Should I Use Knobs?

Knobs are now more popular on cabinet doors. Like a book, a cabinet is opened by its corner. It is then necessary to identify a piece of hardware that best serves this role.

Knobs are great because they don’t take up much space on the cabinetry. It fits precisely on a cabinet door’s corner. You get enough gear to do your job without overwhelming your design aesthetic. Knobs on drawer fronts are becoming rarer. This aesthetic is perfect for a typical estate or country French-style kitchen.

Where Should I Use Pulls?

Pulls are fantastic drawer hardware. This piece of hardware’s ergonomic design works with the forward and backward action of a drawer. The weight of the cabinet door is moved while opening a cabinet. However, drawers require more force. This is because it requires removing an entire drawer box full of cooking goods.

A larger piece of cabinet hardware distributes the force required to open the drawer better. Not that pulls can’t be used on cabinet doors. Using simple pulls for your kitchen hardware creates a more modern look, which may be precisely what you want.

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