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How Countertops Can Give Your Kitchen a Modern Appeal

Doing up a kitchen remodeling project is an exciting way to breathe new life into your kitchen area. And, one of the best ways to do this is through the countertops. A good counter gives the kitchen a breath of fresh air that is both chic and inviting. Modern countertop designs are made with simplicity and usefulness in mind, but that doesn’t mean they’re plain. Here are some ideas from Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC.

How Countertops Can Give Your Kitchen a Modern Appeal

Identify the Purpose

For what will you be using your countertop? Will it be functioning mostly as a platform for decorative items? Will you be using it for food preparation? Or, will you be dining on it? Modern countertops are often mixed-use centerpieces, but defining its primary purpose will help you decide on the material you’ll be using.

Set the Material

Speaking of material, there are plenty available. Classics like granite offer an interesting look that can be prepared to withstand stains. On the other hand, wooden kitchen countertops can mimic butcher blocks and give you a wider space for food prep. Meanwhile, a metal countertop is a modern-day kitchen staple that is one of the easiest to maintain.

Fix the Shape

The shape of your countertops doesn’t have to be blocky. Add a tasteful touch with rounded counters that not only expand the floor space behind the counter, but also give all seated occupants a view of everybody around the table.

Additionally, organically shaped countertops can be a good way of showing off other elements of your kitchen, such as your unusual kitchen cabinet refacing designs or the new backsplash in your prep area.

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