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How Countertops Are Installed on Uneven Surfaces

It’s common for older homes to have uneven surfaces, such as flooring or base cabinets. A slight slope on the floor can be caused due to the foundation or beams shifting over the years, which can cause the height of the base cabinets and countertops to change as well. However, it’s not impossible to install countertops, even if the surface is uneven.


Utilizing Shims

If you already have flooring installed, particularly with tile or wood, then leveling the floor doesn’t seem to be a great idea. In this situation, the best way to get a flat and even countertop is to level the base cabinets. This is one of the best solutions for homes that feature cabinets that can be detached or repositioned to your liking

Your local cabinet restoration expert will tell you that new cabinets will be leveled during the installation process using shims. Shims are thin strips of material sloped from one end to another to control its spacing. Multiple shims can be used to hold the cabinet up. Once the cabinet is even, the base is secured to the floor or wall for stability.

Leveling Sloped Cabinets

If your base cabinets can’t be repositioned, the only option left is to level the top of your cabinets. This can be made possible by applying shims on the top portion of the cabinet beneath the countertop. Position the shims in such a way that it supports the lower part of the countertop, and lift it so that the height is uniform with the elevated portion before securing the entire countertop in place.

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