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Do You Really Need Kitchen Cabinet Toe Kicks?

Aside from kitchens, you will also see toe kicks in offices, bathrooms and other parts of the house where there are base cabinets. Like the work triangle, they are an essential element of an efficient kitchen design. When redoing their kitchen cabinets, homeowners usually ask if this component is really necessary.  

Do You Really Need Kitchen Cabinet Toe Kicks?

What Are Kitchen Cabinet Toe Kicks?

Shaped like a notch, a toe kick is a space at the bottom front of base cabinets. It’s usually around three inches deep and three and a half inches high. A depth is less than three inches will hinder the ergonomic effectiveness of the toe kick. 

Toe kicks are a traditional design standard that manufacturers and tradesmen follow. It’s why you can find them in most factory-made cabinets. Because of this, you can reach farther into your counter without experiencing discomfort. 

Do You Really Need Them?

Toe kicks are vital to base cabinets. They improve your balance and prevent your arms from getting tired as you work on your countertop. Without them, you will need to stand at a distance from a base cabinet door to prevent stubbing your toes. You will also have to lean more, which over time, can put a strain on your back, arms and shoulders. In short, you need toe kicks for proper posture and to avoid discomfort. 

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