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Create an All-New Kitchen With Cabinetry Upgrades

You don’t have to overhaul a space and embark on a major construction project just for it to look new. Take kitchen remodeling, for example. Sometimes, all it takes for a kitchen to look new is to improve its cabinetry.

Have New Ones Made

If you have an older home, having new cabinets fitted may help spruce your kitchen up. Determine how much storage you need and base your choices of cabinet shape and size on that. You can replace some cabinets with open shelving units, too, if you prefer that. 

Have Existing Ones Refaced

If your cabinets don’t need replacement, you can instead opt to have them repainted and renewed with the help of cabinet refacing professionals like Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC. If you have wood cabinets, for instance, have them refinished to help enhance their appearance. Just keep in mind that you still need to stay within the boundaries of your home’s overall design aesthetic if you want to create a seamless look all throughout your home.

Have Better Hardware Installed

Don’t neglect the importance that cabinet hardware plays in achieving a good kitchen design. You should choose hardware that is guaranteed to be durable and won’t easily break off drawers and doors. Broken handles are unsightly for any space. Your hardware should also be in colors that will highlight your storage units instead of hues or finishes that will make them stick out like sore spots in your kitchen.

Cabinet renewal experts like Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC can help make your kitchen look like new at affordable prices. We started in 2010, first working for Home Depot as an independent contractor and have worked on over 1,000 projects since then. We have maintained partnerships with top manufacturers throughout the years as well. Give us a call at (631) 602-0004, or fill out our contact form. We serve clients in Plainview, Huntington and Hicksville, NY.