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Common Edge Profiles for Your Countertop

The horizontal work area usually found in the kitchen, also known as a countertop, is considered an integral part of the room. Countertops, which are usually built upon cabinets, are often the focal point of your kitchen.

Common Edge Profiles for Your Countertop

Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, a local leader in cabinet renewal, helps you choose the best edge profile that suits the needs and style of your countertop in today’s post.

Polished Standard

These kitchen countertops are the most common, low-maintenance type due to their smooth edges and flat surfaces minus the ornate details. This is, by far, the most popular because of its elegance.

Classic Ogee

This countertop also has a smooth edge, but comes with a dramatic curve.

Double Bevel

This type accentuates thickness. Cabinet restoration specialists create this edge profile by layering two pieces together with an angular cut edge.

Dupont Apron

Numerous homeowners are familiar with this edge profile as they also used for bathroom marble countertops. This design option looks similar to the classic ogee with a slight difference; it has cove-like curving.

Bullnose Edges

This profile has several variants. The basic bullnose has sleek, rounded edges optimal for use in slabs. The half-bullnose is similar to the standard bullnose, but with a squared bottom, making it a favorite of homeowners as it keeps water from leaking into the cabinets. Finally, there is the triple bullnose or the waterfall edge, where a series of bullnose edges are stacked on top of another.

Choosing options for countertop edges can also go hand-in-hand with kitchen remodeling. Upgrading your existing cabinets can improve your kitchen’s aesthetic value, and countertops contribute heavily to this as well.

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