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A Quick 101 on Leathered Granite

Kitchen remodeling is an exciting project. If you’re planning for a new countertop, you may have heard of leathered granite. It’s a new finish to the popular staple countertop in kitchens. 

 Leathered Granite

What Is Leathered Granite?

Granite is a natural stone and a well-established material used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. It’s also used on floors, walls and tables. Granite is one of the least expensive natural stones, but certain types are more expensive. Leathered granite is a new take on a textured finish. The finish of a leathered granite looks matte, rough and unreflective. It’s different from the common polished granite finish.

The texture is achieved after a complex multi-step process of running a diamond-tipped brush over the surface of the stone. This process takes away any imperfections while polishing the slab. You can decide on how smooth or rough the finish will be depending on your preference. Only professionals can achieve a leathered granite. If you’re considering it as a countertop upgrade, look for a professional cabinet renewal and kitchen remodeling contractor. 

How to Maintain Leathered Granite?

Leathered granite is surprisingly not high maintenance. It’s less complicated compared to other granite finishes. The leathered finish has the uncanny ability to hide smudges and stains, preventing it from looking shabby. You should be careful with sharp or hard items as they can damage the grooves. Overall, leathered granite is durable as it’s hard to stain and fairly easy to clean. When cleaning, you can easily use a hand broom to remove trapped crumbs in the grooves. Regular cleaning and granite sealing can result in long-lasting leathered granite. 

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