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A Look at Unusual Kitchen Cabinet Designs

When you’re considering a kitchen renovation, one of the things that you should consider is cabinet renewal. It makes sense. The appearance of your cabinets is a huge part of your kitchen’s new look. That’s why here at Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, we make it a point to discuss potential cabinet designs with our clients first. Here are some worth considering.

A Look at Unusual Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Create Patterns

One of the easiest ways to create interesting cabinet designs is to make a design with the doors. The effect of adding an unusual pattern in your kitchen will be pretty big since it can catch the interest of your guests. This might mean that some of your cabinets will have uneven edges. But, that’s an opportunity to use them as storage for non-breakables and items that don’t stack.

Patterns for Door Handles

Another way to add a little bit of design to your cabinetry is by doing away with door handles and cutting patterns on the edges that serve as handholds. This is a simple creative touch that leaves a subtle mark throughout the kitchen. This works especially well with a cabinet restoration project because since you already have the cabinets; you’re just adding new doors.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Shake up the appearance and functionality of your cabinets by installing ones with varying shapes and sizes. The geometric patterns will make for an unusual design, and the various shapes will make for great storage.

Here at Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, we’ll help you with your cabinet refacing project by working with you on coming up with unusual designs for all of your kitchen cabinets. We can also help you with your countertop needs.

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