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5 Cool Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

For first-time homeowners, kitchen remodeling could be both exhilarating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be the latter. To make it less stressful, Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC shares five kitchen cabinet design concepts that will surely transform your humdrum kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

5 Cool Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

1. Cabinet Coolers

If you love your wines and spirits, then beverage cabinets are a must. Achieve this design by taking your old (but still functional) wine cooler and putting it in the pantry area. Pair the relocated cooler with another beverage drawer at the bottom, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing refreshments nook.

2. Experiment With Materials

While you don’t have to shun cabinets entirely, it wouldn’t hurt to experiment with materials other than the traditional wood. Corrugated metal also makes an excellent cabinet door material. If you’re really partial to wood, consider a kitchen cabinet refacing to give your beloved cabinets a facelift.

3. Mix and Match

Break the monotony by mixing and matching cabinet styles. A combination of open, closed and glass cabinets lets you utilize each cabinet type to its full storage and design potential. Consult a professional to make it look like a carefully curated concept rather than a haphazard attempt at cabinet styling.

4.  Cabinets in Disguise

Spruce up your cabinets by disguising them as innocuous wall decorations. Framed family photos are a good alternative to plain cabinet doors. Island cabinets that look like drawers but can be opened like doors are also prime examples of cabinets hidden in plain sight.

5. Pull-Out Cabinets

Take advantage of every inch of space by installing pull-out cabinets instead of cramming jars of spices and condiments into an awkwardly small niche. Pull-out cabinets also address clutter issues in your kitchen, giving you a place to put your canned goods and various cooking implements.

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