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4 Vanity Cabinet Ideas for Your Bathroom

Unlocking the full, glamorous potential of your bathroom doesn’t just involve faucet facelifts and flooring upgrades. Today’s post from cabinet renewal company Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, features four dazzling ideas for your bathroom vanity cabinets.

4 Vanity Cabinet Ideas for Your Bathroom

1. Space-Savvy Step Stool

Bathroom floor space is a precious commodity. Don’t waste space on awkward step stools by installing a pull-out step stool into your cabinets. Your little ones will surely appreciate the boost while your bathroom floor remains spacious.

2. Build Up

Utilize every nook and cranny of your bathroom, including ceiling space. Don’t be afraid to build up and use high cabinets for this particular design hack. Choose sleek styles for your vanity cabinets so they won’t seem bulky. Note that cumbersome cabinets defeat the purpose of trying to conserve precious storage space.

If you have an old tower cabinet that’s just gathering dust, a simple cabinet refacing is all it needs for you to give it a new lease on life.

3. Floating Vanity

There’s something so innovative and yet so elegant about a floating vanity. If you don’t want to stub your toes on clunky furniture, floating vanity cabinets are the way to go. Exposed plumbing lines won’t be a problem since they’ll be tucked away neatly behind the floating drawers. Breaking up the area between the floor and the cabinet is a smart way of opening up the floor space, making your bathroom appear larger than it really is. Floating vanities also provide extra room for additional ambient lighting.

4. Open Shelves

Having an exposed storage space amps up the convenience. With open shelves, you no longer have to deal with cabinet doors that tend to cramp your space. Towels and toiletry baskets are the perfect items to store on top of your open shelves.

Cabinets have the ability to transform any room. Turn to Long Island Wood Renewal, LLC, for your cabinet restoration needs. Call us today at (631) 602-0004 to schedule an in-home consultation.